Friday, December 31, 2010

Good night and good luck...

Whoa… 2010 is over?  It seems like yesterday I was bringing in the New Year with my best friend while my stomach was turning from champagne.  I’m not going to be one of those people to make New Year’s resolutions and talk about the awesome thing I’m going to do in 2011. 1. Because I'm not going to do it. 2. Because it’s plain stupid. By March, you forget about all that “be a better person” crap.  Just continue to be your old bad self and the rest will fall into place.  Anywho… 33 new beers down from May to December!  At this rate I'll be at 300 in no time! Introducing my last beer of the year...

The Place: Tap- Atlanta, Ga
The Peep(s): Jen and Tina
The Beer: La Fin Due Monde (ABV 9%) #53
This beer gets a HIGH FIVE off top.  I’m a sucker for good flavor with a smooth finish.  I will def be drinking it again.  I did some research on the brewery’s website and La Fin Due Monde has won TONS of awards.  The history behind it is interesting too.  Definitely a thumb up!  I recommend it to everyone.  Btw, Sweetwater Festive Ale was NOT a winner for Jen, but Tina Loved the ice cold water. She said it was better than the water in KY.
Tap is a nice little bar/restaurant in Downtown Atlanta.  It has a laid back atmosphere with dim lightening.  It’s a perfect place to take a date or mystery random (as I like to call “them”).  The beer/wine selection is better than the food menu, but that’s my opinion.  I guess with the name TAP, food probably isn't what most of the customers are coming for.  Anyway...  Check it out for yourself  BIG HIGH FIVE for the BOGO burger and beer!  

I can’t remember how half the things over the past 365 days, but I do know it went by fast.  December 28th’s Daily Bread message said to write out events that happened over the past year and the note what God did for you in those moments.  Writing it down helped me to put in prospective what He has done for me and family/friends.  High Five to Jesus for EVERYTHING! Yes… EVERYTHING!
Side Note: If you’re in Atlanta for New Year’s weekend come to Masquerade on North Avenue Jan 1st.  Glamourlyke will be performing along with some other groups (but who cares about them? j/k)! If you are a fan of good MUSIC you will definitely love this group.
Check out Glamourlyke’s videos below...

Side Side Note: Have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! *party horn blowing* I appreciate you following me on my quest for greatness.  Cheers!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sweet heaven… I mean… water Brewery

The Place: Sweetwater Brewery, Atlanta, GA
The Peeps: Christina (Tina) R. and Elizabeth (Jen) R.
The Beer(s): Exodus Porter (ABV 6.2%)-#50
                      Sch Wheat (ABV 4.9%) - #51
                      Georgia Brown (ABV 5.3%) - #52
                      Dank Tank (ABV can’t remember) - #53
The Snows and I took a field trip to Sweetwater Brewery.  I don’t know what I’ve been doing for the last year, but I should have been coming here a looong time ago!  For $8 we got a free Sweetwater pint glass and six drink tickets.  Each ticket counts toward one beer (special brews are two tickets).  By the end of the end of tasting it is suppose to equal three pints (or more).  Is this heaven?  It is an ideal place to go meet up with friends for a mid-day adventure or a lonely day of boozing (responsibly).  The brewery and tasting were great, but the tour was so-so.  The tour was interesting but, not much to see.  The place facility is kind of small, so it was expected.  The story behind the two owners and how they started Sweetwater was pretty good.  I’m always motivated by stories about businesses being built from nothing, but hard work. High five to them! Good people making good beer!

Exodus Porter (ABV 6.2%)-#50
Well it’s a porter… duh! I’m not opposed to drinking a porter beer, but I usual don’t choose them.  I was drawn to it because of the name, but then I thought back to the Turbodog incident.  After talking to myself for 15 seconds I said, “What the heck! If you don’t like it you can toss and get another!” I tried it and I’m not gonna lie… It was alright. Nothing I would buy on the regular, but by far the best porter (Hell, I think it’s the only one) I’ve had so far.  Surprisingly good flavor for a dark beer.  I have nothing to compare it to so I give it thumbs up for taking my porter virginity and not sucking!


Sch Wheat American Wheat Ale (ABV 4.9%)- #51
I am a fan of wheat beers so I did need to have a “self convo” to make this decision.  It was pretty darn good. I could taste the hints of citrus.  Definitely recommend this one to the girls! I would definitely buy this beer.  It can pair well with a burger or pizza! Nice jobs Sweetwater! Thumbs up!

Georgia Brown (ABV 5.3%) - #52
Umm… so… I pretty much downed this beer, that how much I liked it so much!  By the time I remembered to take the thumbs pic it was gone! Georgia Brown is officially one of my top 5 favorite beers (unless something better comes along). It has a nutty, kind of sweet flavor and smooth.   Hands down the best beer I had all day!  I would push this beer on anybody and EVERYBODY.  With a slogan like “Smoother than a Bill Clinton apology” how can you not like it! THUMBS UP! WAY UP!

Dank Tank (ABV can’t remember) - #53
I couldn’t leave without trying it. This was a two ticket beer so it could go one of two ways: Really awesome or what the hell.  It didn’t go either way, but leaning more towards what the hell. The sign said something about it being a double IPA and border hopper? Dude, idk?  By that time the tasting area was super crowded and my stomach and bladder were about to burst. I could care less at that point (hint why I didn’t get the abv).  It was dark, somewhat bitter (from what I can remember), and not so amazing.  I am willing to try it again when I go back. I feel like it may need a second chance (maybe).  On the upside, it has some sort of mascot creature wearing a bra, panties, heels, and had Christmas ornament hanging from the private region to resemble balls. That mad for a good laugh, I guess. Anyway- Side thumb for Dank Tank. Not bad, but not good.

Check out Sweetwater Brewery for yourself. I promise you won’t be disappointed.
Support your local breweries and farmers!
I want to take the time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or whatever (unless it’s something bad) you celebrate this time of year. Thanks for you are supporting my blog and for your input and encouragement.  I’m glad my stupidity can make you happy!  Cheers!
Sidenote: If anybody knows a Seth Goldstein, please have him contact me. Thanks!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


My good friends Elizabeth and Christina came to visit from Kentucky.  Its too bad they came in the mist of the most dangerous ice storm that every hit Metro Atlanta and surrounding counties!  There were a wrecks and car abandonments all over the city! Traffic was backed up for miles! It was INSANITY… Ahhh!  Just kidding… The ice “storm” consisted of an hour of snow and a thin layer of ice on the road and because that people went ape crazy! It was a nice summer’s day compared to what we are use to in KY.  The over exaggerated chaos can be summed up in five words: People in Atlanta can’t drive.  Drake said it best, “They can’t help it and I can’t blame em.”  Anywho… Enough of that mess.  Since my Snows were in town it was the perfect time to get some beers in.  They are my only girl friends that love beer as much as I do. High five for beers 49-54!

The Place: Taco Mac-Metropolis, Atlanta, GA
The Peeps: Alphonso J., Christina (Tina) R., Elizabeth (Jen) R.
The Beer: Smuttynose Big A IPA (9.7% ABV) - #49
Big flavor! It sort of reminded me of New Belgium 2°, but not really (if that makes any sense).  At first taste I had a “What the f**k” moment, but after a couple of sips it was much better.  It had a lot of hops and malt.  Definitely not a beer I would recommend to beginners, only for the real sippers.  I checked out the Smuttynose Brewery website and Big A IPA won the American cask real ale competition, The Michael Jackson award!  Pretty awesome, right!  The naked man boxing on the case cover probably had something to do with that win (j/k).  I had to give it a slight side thumb because, wasn’t jumping off with my buffalo chicken tenders.  It would have been much better without food.  Elizabeth had the Victory Golden Monkey Triple.  She liked it, but not with her chicken tenders either. It was a bad day for the tenders. Phons and Tina just had Bud Lights… Lames!
Now about Taco Mac!  Oh… Taco Mac.   There is nothing bad I could ever say about it! Well… Other than the fact that they ran out of pint night glasses, but I forgive them.  The restaurant has an awesome beer selection and great food.  I have never had a bad meal there (If you have, keep it to yourself. You’ll ruin the moment. Thanks!)  TRUE STORY: During our dinner some crazy man came off the street and started yelling at guys across from us. He had to be escorted out by the police and the guys got free shot for their disturbance. WHAT? Note to self: Pay homeless man to yell at us in Taco Mac for free shots.  In all, it was a good outing.  It was Jen and Tina’s first time and they both liked it. Hooray!

In other news: I did not know that there is such thing as a regulation beer pong table.  So all this time I haven't been playing by the rules, which is why I super sucked on the "ruled" table! Darn! Oh... and a man spit on Tina's car on 285, because she wouldn't let him over. Go ahead and laugh... I did.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


December is here and you know what that means!  Angry shoppers, road rage, and robberies!  Nothing like celebrating the birth of our Savior with a little Holiday fear.  I don’t know where you are, but it is COLD in The A.  It is perfect time to stay in and snuggle... with a new beer!  Beer #48-Abita Ale Turbodog.  I chose this beer because it had a fun name and it’s made of by the same brewery of my beloved Purple Haze. Umm… This beer was not at all what I was expecting.  First of all… It’s a bitch to open if you don’t have a bottle opener, so I had to use a can opener (don’t ask).  I know what you’re thinking! How in the hell am I suppose to be on beer quest and not have a bottle opener?!?! Foolish!  Second… I need to start reading descriptions before I make my purchases.  Turbodog is dark brown ale with Chocolate/Toffee flavor.  Not the type of beer you want to pair with popcorn (shot out to Jiffy Pop, btw) and chick flicks.  My first though after tasting it was “Who in the hell am I gonna get to drink the rest of this? I wasted $7!” But of course I had to try it again and again and again.  In a nutshell, Turbodog isn’t bad, but it’s not amazing either. I give it a slight side thumb. That chocolate taste was not doing it for me. I give myself an A for effort! High five, me! Despite this minor let down, I am excited to try other varieties from Abita Ale! Moral of the story (if there is one): Read before you buy! Bad beer=Bad night.

In other news: People are snorting nutmeg to get high! Really? I googled it (like I do everything) and it seems to have been around for a while. Who knew? In unrelated news to nutmeg sniffing: My local “beverage” store has a rewards card. I started to ask about it, but I was ashamed. Oh well, maybe next time.  Oh… And congrats to The Trailer Nation Auburn on winning the SEC Championship last week. You get what you pay for!
Anywho…Protect yourselves this Holiday. Remember what this season REALLY about and drink responsibly!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Last night my uncle offered to share his Schlitz Malt Liquor with me. Sad to say, but I had to decline. I know I have a lot of beers to go before I reach my goal, but I WILL NOT drink malt liquor! I know... I shouldn't be a snob, but c'mon son... MALT LIQUOR! What am I? A 60-year-old man? Don't get me wrong. I've had my share of Smirnoff Ice and Skyy Blues back in the day, but the thought of it now makes my stomach turn.

So, we went to the website (yes, they have a website) and discovered that Schlitz has other flavors of this "beverage". Bull Ice-Ice Malt Liquor, Red Bull-Xtra Long Malt Liquor, Malt Liquor-Original Malt Liquor, and High Gravity-Very Smooth Lager. Word??? Anyway...With a very little encouragement, my uncle is now on a mission to try all four flavors. Shout out to my Uncle Jerald for being an el' cheapo and my Schlitz for making his nights more enjoyable!

On the double down side... Gotta go back to work tomorrow after four days off. I hope everyone has a great work week! If your team/school loss this weekend, hold your head high in the office tomorrow. Your co-workers are probably bandwagoners or victims... I mean alumni of Wherethehelldidyougo University? Drink responsibly and ROLL TIDE!!!!

Here is the website if you want to check it out and expand your palet...


The Place: Beer Trape, Lexington, KY
My Peep: Elizabeth R.
The Beer: Ayinger Brau Weisse (#47)
The description mentioned said it has a distinct banana aroma flavor and that it will impress every wheat beer connoisseur with the first mouthful. Sounds like a winner! I am not a wheat beer connoisseur, but this beer was pretty good. Full of flavor and fruity as promised. I would recommend it my girl friends that wants to try beer, but don’t want the "expected" taste.

I loved the Beer Trappe! It was my paradise! It was cozy and very friendly. You can buy beer from all over the world! From Banana Bread to (what may have been) 3 Amigos. Definitely a "go to" when I go back to Lex! I give the beer and the place a BIG THUMBS UP! So good I almost forgot to take the thumbs up pick...

O.A.N. Went out for a beer and dessert run with a friend tonight on my last full day in Chatt. I'm looking at the menu and... DUN DUN DUUUUUN... I've had every beer on the menu. Ugh! Sad day on the tour. I had to settle for old faithful Bud Light.  The beers (yeah, I had two) hit the domestic spot. Note to self: Don't rely on Chili's or any other commercial eatery to help me on my quest. See what I mean? Trying new beers isn't alway ease.  Learn from my mistakes. Oh well... Other than this mishap and Bama losing to The Trailer Park Nation (Auburn) my Thanksgiving break has been alright, but I am soooo ready to go back to my own space...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The start of an adventure...

Drinking 184 beers in 4 years no sweat right? Wrong! Do you know how hard it is the go to a common restaurant that has beer menu with more than Bud, Miller, and Corona? Sometime it is a big challenge, believe it or not. I started this blog to show my adventures in beer. My personal goal is to drink 184 beers before I turn 30. Totaling in 204 beers in my lifetime. Hopefully my blog will inspire people to achieve their own personal goals and encourage more people (especially women) to drink beer. I will be posting my beer picks, pics, comments and a maybe funny story or two if its a good day. I'm not trying to be the next Michael Jackson (Beer Hunter not King of Pop), but maybe my blog will be handy to someone in the future. Ready? Cheers!!!!