Friday, April 1, 2011

Gump Town Adventure

The Place: Alley Bar, Montgomery, AL
The Peep(s): Alphonso J. Special appearance by Team Purple Burger
The Beer:  #59 UFO White
Ok… So… I took a random trip to Montgomery, AL (Da, Gump, Da Land, or whatever you chose to call it) with Phons and special ride along guests Team Purple Bag (don’t ask).  Anywho… after a long day of being frightened by the natives and  playing with my 7 month old bff Ethan it was time to see what SAFE nightlife “Da Gump” had to offer.  Alley Bar was NOT a place that I would expect to see in Montgomery.  It has a cool atmosphere, good variety of beers and chill mixed crowd. Oh… and a SHOT ROOM!  There was live music by Raygun Administration.  HIGH FIVE to them for playing a darn good cover of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy”.  I started the night off with some repeat offenders, Purple Haze, Dos Equis, and Corona Extra Dry (Shout out the my UA kids!).   At the end of the night I tried my luck with UFO White.  Bad move.  It was a cross between orange Mop and Glow and Blue Moon.  The beer was very crisp and tangy.  It was kind of weird and just wasn’t my cup of tea.  Side thumb for the effort and not being terrible, but I doubt I will give it a second chance.  Sorry kids! No pic for this one. My apologies...
Shout out to Team Purple Bag and their mission to spread the word about brown liquor to age groups 18-24.  I also applaud their efforts to make functional drunkenness cool.  I wish them all nothing, but the best!  Oh… and a HIGH FIVE to Montgomery for always reminding me that Chatt isn’t that bad.

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